Jim with muskie One of Jim's good ones - 44 inches.
Jim Russell, Pittsburgh, PA.

I have fished Lovesick for many years, caught hundreds of muskies there, and cannot remember a single incident that detracted from my enjoyment. The lake is beautiful, the fishing is good and the people I have met have been most pleasant.

I was originally attracted to Lovesick by the facilities and people at Forest Hill Lodge (great food and cedar boats). I also discovered that the fishing is better than my previous lake (Upper Buckhorn) and that the size and location of Lovesick make it less likely to get rough in windy weather. We have seldom been unable to fish Lovesick.

We usually fish Lovesick in early June and mid July. We used to fish in late September but those can be too cold for us.

The lures we use are not as large as some might think, but we cast and retrieve all day so we cannot use the really big plugs. Small spinners and bucktails work well for us. We have caught many large fish on small lures. Since I do my shopping at flea markets the lures I use most are pikie-minnows, vamps, mustangs, swim-whiz and mepps spinners. I know nothing of modern lures.

Trolling is permitted on Lovesick, but is seen by some as a less than honest way to catch a fish and therefore should be reserved for use by young boys, old men and pregnant women.
I sometimes troll.

For gear we use medium to heavy casting rods about 5ft long, with Ambassador 5000 series reels. We use monofilament line of at least 20 lb test. Some fishermen use wire leaders, I do not.

The best advice I can give a beginner is to keep the lure moving quickly and if you look down from your boat and do not see weeds, you are in the wrong place.

49½ in. Muskie One of bigger ones from Lovesick- 49½ in. 29½ lbs.
Adie Kohlmyer, Lorain, Ohio.

Lovesick Lake offers everything an outdoorsman loves. Scenery is outstanding throughout the year; spring, summer and fall, and the fishing is always excellent. My primary interest is muskie fishing.

I have fished the Kawartha chain of lakes for 51 years from Sturgeon to Stoney Lakes and have found that Lovesick Lake is the most productive for muskies. The smallmouth bass fishing is also outstanding.

Of course making Lovesick Lake my home base, it offers easy access to both Stoney and Lower Buckhorn. However, I have found that my most productive hours are spent at Lovesick.

I remember so well afew years ago when I was fortunate enough to meet my goal of a 30 lb. muskie, actually 29½ lb. and 49½" in length. On one occasion I lost what seemed to the guide and me a fish well over 30 lbs when it severed the line.

The lures I have used have changed over the years. Fifty years ago it was the pikie-minnows; light colours on bright days, dark colours on dark days. Then we switched to a lure called the drifter which was a little larger, with more action. Now I use almost exclusively a double black bucktail with a spinner - it seems to be the most productive - more strikes and better hooking capabilities.

The most productive times of the year - June and early July seem to produce more strikes and more muskies, however the fish are usually smaller. The fall fishing, starting in late August is my favourite time because it produces the best chance for a large muskie.

Pan fishing is excellent all over the lake. Go way up in Little Grey Duck bay, anchor, fish with bits of worm, and watch the fish bite - a pleasant diversion from casting for muskies.

Amazing to me is the fact that muskie and bass fishing is as good now as it was 50 years ago when I first started at Lovesick. Hope I can get a few more years at the Lodge even though I am now 85 years old - perhaps these years of enjoyment at Lovesick, particularly at Forest Hill Lodge have contributed to my longevity and good health.

Most of my fishing for muskies has been casting - I always thought I got better results that way as opposed to trolling because you can reach tighter areas. And of course you need heavy equipment in order to set the hooks on a big muskie.

Walters Muskie Another 40+ for Walter.
Walter Minsinger, Pittsburgh, PA.

I am sitting here in my workshop wishing it was June again. I just bought a new car so that I can make the trip again next year. I like to come to Lovesick because of the good fishing and because it is only a 430 mile trip. I think the first or second week in June is the best fishing before the water gets too warm.

I have a big box full of lures but there are only about 4 or 5 that I use. The best lure in the box is the heddon vamp. In the early season mepps spinners work best, no. 5 blade silver and gold, but the best is called black fury. Also swim whiz(6 inch), or pikie-minnow are good or mustang if you can find one - they do not make them any more.

Fishing poles (I make my own) I like a 5½ to 6 ft. pole of heavy to medium action (casting poles). Fishing reels I prefer ABU Garcia model 5500. It works well and is dependable. I have 5 of them. I have tried a lot of expensive types of fishing lines, spider wire and others and find that cheap monofilament works best (25 or 30 lb. test). As far as wire leaders are concerned, I never use them- they fail too often. I have never lost a fish using the 30 lb. monofilament line.

What works best is to keep your lure in the water and plug like mad. Plug over the weeds. Trolling never works for me.